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Aug 26, 2007 - PHP

TYPO3 Front End User Extensions: Login Box

Back when I was actively involved with TYPO3 projects, one item in my wish list was a login box for front end users which would allow granular control over pages where the user is redirected after successful login. Naturally, when Chetan and me got together recently to contribute a suite of plug-ins related to the front end user, this functionality was on the top of my mind.

The login box has some standard features like storage folder for user records, etc. However the redirection options allow much more control than other plug-ins. You can have a global redirection page just like you are used to. However, using Typoscript blocks you can have a different configuration for every individual user if you want. But I suppose the group level controls would be much more used in practice. You only have to add blocks when you want something different since the other settings act as fallbacks if there is nothing set for the current user or group, in that order.

Unlike many other contributions to the TER, this extension is not derived from some commercial work. We wanted to contribute something we wanted for ourselves when we were working with TYPO3. The current release as of the time of writing contains only the login box since we have also tried to create a robust framework for future developments (Chetan was responsible for all the framework related work). In the coming weeks, we have plans to add some very interesting features and plug-ins to the suite.

Extension download and documentation FE User Suite